Road Sweeper Hire

Darlingtons multi-function road cleansing equipment is playing a major part in the drive for an improved living and working environment. We offer a fully comprehensive service, capable of the toughest challenges. This includes high pressure cleaning of factory roads, car parks and drain and gully clearing.

Multi-Function Road Cleaning

Darlingtons fleet of Johnston 650 series Cleansing Vehicles set the standards in road suction sweeping technology with a host of high pressure water and suction options to tackle the toughest of cleaning operations.

  • High Pressure Jet Lance
  • High Pressure Road Washing
  • High Pressure Drain Suction
  • Littersnatch
  • Brush & Suction Road Sweeping

All of our Roadsweepers are fitted with reversing cameras for maximum safety during operation on site. They are all equipped with mobile phones for quick communication with our drivers. All operators are trained to a very high standard and have attended training courses held by the vehicle manufacturer, which covers both the operation of the vehicle and safety procedures. Additionally, all operators hold Client/Contractor National Safety Group (CCNSG) Safety Passports. The aim of the Safety Passport is to ensure a basic knowledge of health and safety for all personnel to enable them, after appropriate site induction, to work on site more safely with lower risk to themselves and others.