Salt Supplies

Deicing Salt, Water Softening Salt, Agricultural Himalayan Lump Rock Salt

De-icing salt

In extreme weather conditions of ice and snow, slips, trips and falls are the most common accidents to occur. All outdoor areas have the potential to be hazardous in such winter conditions therefore, public footpaths, roads, entrances and pedestrian walkways must be treated to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Water Softening Salt

Many areas in the UK have a water supply that is naturally ‘hard’. Hard water is formed when calcium and magnesium are dissolved by rainwater as it filters through natural layers of chalk and limestone. In order to avoid the effects of hard water the calcium and magnesium need to be removed from your water, to produce so called ‘softened ‘ water.

Agricultural Salt

We have been supplying salt for the Agricultural & Equine industry for many years and are the UK’s largest importer on Natural Lump Rock Salt. Darlix® Natural Himalayan Lump Rock Salt is fully UFAS source assured (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme)