Water Softening Salt

Many areas in the UK have a water supply that is naturally ‘hard’. Hard water is formed when calcium and magnesium are dissolved by rainwater as it filters through natural layers of chalk and limestone. In order to avoid the effects of hard water the calcium and magnesium need to be removed from your water, to produce so called ‘softened ‘ water.

Darlingtons water softening salt products come in 3 formats –

Salt Tablets

Used in most domestic and commercial water softeners, Darlies Salt Tablets are round in shape and perfectly suited for the majority of water softener machine

Granular Salt 10kg & 25kg bags

Darlies Granular salt is a compacted small granules of salt, which rapidly dissolve in water softener machines

Harveys Block Salt 2 x 4kg Pack

Each pack contains two 4kg blocks of salt suitable for any block salt water softener

Benefits of Softened Water

  • it can help certain dry skin conditions such as eczema
  • it provides cost savings in service, maintenance and replacement of showers, heaters etc.
  • it improves the efficiency of hot water and heating system
  • it can save some 50% of washing powder and toilet soap consumption and similarly cut the use of shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products.
  • it saves time – independent studies have confirmed that considerable cleaning time is saved with softened water
  • it can in time completely remove existing scale deposits in hot water and heating systems as well as scale around taps and stains in bath and basins.
  • softened water has a clean silky feeling. It makes bath time a luxury without the need for bath oils or bubble bath liquids.
  • makes hair soft and easy to manage
  • softened water rinses completely away without leaving scum even after shaving
  • makes laundry brighter, and glasses and dishes sparkle and shine
  • provides cost savings in service and maintenance of dishwashers, washing machines, showers and water heaters and extends the life of such units.
  • makes washing the car easier and will reduce streaking and spotting.
  • water softeners are installed in nearly all commercial laundries, kitchens and car washes in hard water areas.